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pasadena resident left a remembrance on Villa Sorriso:

🌹 thank god that place is closed, such an eyesore and outdated. ready for something new

Matt left a remembrance on El Camino Mongolian BBQ:

🌹 The food here was always delicious, and the owners never failed to make me smile. The walls and ceiling were covered in instant photos of customers. I miss this restaurant.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Caffe Baci:

🌹 Haha, you little weasel, who snuck past me, cutting in line, and took the last of the shrimp salad, Baci's best creation, literally the last, since they discontinued it the day after: I will have my revenge. I will only pity you once, you boneless nebbish.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Taqueria los Caminos de Michoacan:

🌹 A beacon of peace and stability in that once-confused neighborhood. The gorgeous carne asada, the brilliant green garlic salsa. The neighborhood is confused no more. It has embraced its new role as a suburb of Wrigleyville.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Venice Café:

🌹 They moved to Monroe and Clinton, but that location is closed too, it seems. A solid place that never skimped on spicy, which was a rare enough quality at that time to be noticeable. What was the logic behind adding "Cajun chicken salad" to the menu, tho? Who knows. It was good.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Sabor A Cuba:

🌹 So if you said you weren't in a mood for maduros, she would briskly say, you want tostitos? And then she would whirl around, flinging away her consonants, and sing out tto-tti-ttoooo!!! And whirl around, picking up all her letters, and briskly ask, anything else?

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Pierrot Gourmet:

🌹 Once in a while you went there, wearing pricey bland clothes for real, and pretend you were the type who always got breakfast brought to you while you lounged with a coffee and the New York Times

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Nuevo Leon Restaurant:

🌹 Not a single friend I went there with is trackable. Are they suburban homeowners now?

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Muskie's:

🌹 In one way it was like a hundred other places in Chicago; in another, a stunning monument from an ancient time. A place to gloat over your latest purchase from Powell's, while your burger and fries got made. Am I hallucinating or were they at Belmont and Sheffield decades ago? Or right here, when the Lakewood line carried actual traffic.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on La Brasa Roja:

🌹 These people radiated beauty. Or was it the perfect chicken and surpassing salsas

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Foodlife:

🌹 Out of the dark ages populated by those dismal places called food courts burst forth Foodlife and made us think that Chicago was just like a shimmering Asian megalopolis

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on El Tinajon:

🌹 Yeah if you ever felt a sudden longing for being at home, dining at home.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Chicago Brauhaus:

🌹 How the chairs and the bar and the dinner trays fit together with absolute precision. How wonderfully cooked the sausages and how delicious the beer. And THAT guy playing waltzes and the waitresses yelling at the bartender for eis. You felt like a rich tourist in your own neighborhood

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Chef Luciano:

🌹 When the Velvet Lounge (rip) reopened on Cermak, the Chef himself brought in a variety of finger food, and it was good and I planned to go sometime, before a concert maybe, but never went. Maybe it was all those somewhat scary stories, too iffy to truly believe, too under the radar to be called legends.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Cafe Iberico:

🌹 It was our conception of fancy at that time. No matter what that says about me, the bottom line is that the food was excellent.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Cafe Con Leche:

🌹 Maybe they just moved. Maybe its the same place that's at 2714 N Milwaukee.

Bosanski Okusi left a remembrance on Baba Palace:

🌹 A place from a time when driving a taxi was an actual profession, and a good number of Chicago cabbies were Indian or Pakistani, and they needed food at all hours of the day. The place moved from under the L at Wells and Hubbard to this much nicer spot, and in a few years, a blink of an eye, it was gone. The food was good, really some of the best of its genre. Late enough at night, you could feel the pulse of the city, ensconced in this peaceful corner of River North. Finding a cab to take you home was somehow always easy.

Klara left a remembrance on Rangoon Burmese Restaurant:

🌹 My favorite restaurant in Chinatown. Their thousand layer bread with vatana dip was amazing; I'm a fan of delicious flatbreads of all sorts but this one was in a league of its own.

Karen left a remembrance on Cardamom Hill:

🌹 So good. I wish it had lasted longer, only got to go once!

Phil left a remembrance on Phoenix Garden:

🌹 We used to go here when it was still down in Chinatown. The chinese langauge only menus on the wall inspired me to study Chinese, and in effect set the course of my life for the next 30+ years. GOAT Salt and Pepper Shrimp.

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